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Sale now on - UP TO 40% OFF!



The Bic 6ft 7 Shortboard has long been the obvious “next step” surfboard for the keen to progress learner having mastered the basics on a soft-top board in the surf school. The unrivalled durability and buoyant nature make it a great choice for kids who need an easy to paddle and stable craft to give them confidence when learning to surf. The board comes ready to ride with a set of FCS fins and is probably the best starter shortboard on the market. Great looking, cleverly designed, durable and low cost

The DURA-TEC construction gives great durability, making this board almost indestructible!

There are 3 basic requirements to making learning to surf a pleasure not a hardship!

1) An affordable package, board, board bag, leash, wax
2) A suitable size and shape board
3) A board that is durable and not easily damaged

Why Bic?

The Bic Dura-Tec series of surfboards are all-but bullet proof. Dura-Tec boards are constructed with the core of a regular polyester surfboard but are wrapped in an infinitely tougher technology. This construction process results in a surfboard which is lightweight but super-tough and resistant to the inevitable knocks and dings that would see a regular PU surfboard in need of an expensive repair. Dura-Tec, unbeatable durability and performance.



Excellent condition, full set up.

Intermediate to advanced ride.

20 – 3/4 –  Width

2  – 3/8 – Thickness


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