Sale now on - UP TO 40% OFF!
Sale now on - UP TO 40% OFF!

ION / Onyx Element / Mens / 3-2mm / Front Zip / Black



Cyber Stretch 100 & 80
S Type Neoprene
Glued Blind Stiched
Flat Lock
Robust: Supra_Tex knee protection and durable nylon to protect the suit from wear and tear.
Double_flap: Horizontal zip design for ease of entry
Price Value: Entry-level suit don’t have to be boring!



Enter the world of ION with the ELEMENT. A premium all-rounder that is guaranteed to deliver great value for money! Offering comfort and protection in all the right places, it is the perfect entry-level model for avid water sports enthusiasts. It is smooth, stretchy and robust and also packs many features from the higher end of the line.

Ideal for recreational and weekend riders looking for a suit with a more modest price tag that delivers comfort, quality and good performance.


All ION wetsuits use the new Aqua-α ™ technology. Aqua-α ™ is a solvent-free and completely water-based adhesive. We also use dye, which is great for the factory workers as there is almost no bad smell from the glue. The difference is enormous. A good step for the people behind all great wetsuits!

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